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  • Posted by Eric Corley - 05-01-2012
    “We, the jury (Tracy Moore, Jaime Lynn, Rita Fuentes, Perry Smith, Vickie Short, Stanley Motl, Robert Beaver, Judith Picot, Norma Jacot, Bruce Matous, James McKellar, and Donald Scott)”   This is the twelve that judged me.  ...
  • Posted by Matthew Guajardo-Thomas - 02-10-2013
    Finally, I’m off close custody, where I’ve spent the last 18 months, and on my way to medium custody.  Due to prison overcrowding, I’m waiting on transit for a house.  While here on transit, I’ve talked to a lot of ...
  • Posted by Matthew Guajardo-Thomas - 08-24-2011
    Wow! A lot has happened since I was last able to update the blog. Where do I start? I’ll just do some recent items for you guys....   * Spring may have sprung, but summer is sizzling! Hot!   * Boyfriends? Well, that didn’t ...
  • Posted by Luke Teixeira - 10-23-2013
    Am taking a Developmental Psych Class. In this class I learned about something called resiliency in children. It is a concept that says that children who face trauma are often able to overcome the negative effects of that trauma. This should be ...