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Post a prisoner on PrisonInmates.com for just $40.00 per year. Once you post the profile online, you will be able to login, manage and maintain the profile for the entire year. With a PrisonInmates.com profile your inmate friend or family member will receive exposure on the internet that they could not get from inside the prison.

Inmates Profiles Include

All profiles posted online include the following:

Message Service *:
Visitors will be able to send messages to the inmate right through the inmate's profile page, we print and mail any and all messages received once each week.
* Not available for NY State inmates or prisons that do not allow 3rd party mail.

Add unlimited photos, tattoos and artwork.

Post unlimited images, including Inmate Photos, Inmate Artwork and photos of the inmate's Tattoos! Most services charge $10 per image or more. On our website we let you post as much as you want!



We offer a wide variety of things you can post, including Legal Documents, Blogs and Poetry. This allows the inmate to share his/her creative side to potential pen pals. They can even post links to their favorite Music Videos on YouTube!


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