Kevin Devon Robinson's Poetry

  • I Got Something to Say

    To all the Queens that don’t know you are a queen,

    I got something to say.

    To the women that don’t know her worth,

    I got something to say.

    To the women or girls that keep allowing Mutha F***az to scare and abuse them

    I got something to say.

    Sometimes you need to speak yo heart,

    Listen to the truth, that speaks from you,

    Spread yo wings, for the sky is the limit,

    That knows no bounds of what you can do,

    The sweet essence of yo spirit,

    It’s like a fragrance that attracts the souls of many,

    But only a chosen few can be allowed to sample the sweet flavor that is you.

    You see royalty is in yo blood,

    No matter how you wear your Crown, Wavy, Curly, Straight or in a afro, or in locks

    Yo Crown is yo crown.

    Wear I proudly. No matter yo skin color, race or gender

    A queen is a queen, that is you, which is true,

    Whose richness is to be treasured.

    Like a Jewel, or a rare Diamond

    Only a chosen few will get to admire

    A Queen amongst Queens that is you.


    I got something to say.

    How dare that mutha f***a,

    Putting them bruises on you,

    Your body,

    A Shrine, a holy temple, defiled by the ignorance of abuse,

    How dare that mutha f***a put them bruises on you,



    Low Self esteem, A bruised ego is that why you put

    them bruises on that Queen, to boost your ego,

    to raise yo self esteem, does that make you feel good,

    to break someone down.  You can’t see me, You can’t stand net to me,

    I am above and beyond your understanding, See I am a young black man of African Royaty, it’s in my heritage, it runs in my blood to know the worth of a queen,

    I’ll be d*** if I follow today’s trend, and not speak on the ignorance of the Abuse of our Queens,


    I got something to say.

    To anyone that has love for our women, our daughters,

    Mothers, sisters, cousins, tell them that

    I got something to say.


    Forever more

                                 © 2019  Kevin Devon Robinson