Who am I?

  • I am an ambitious man about life, and the process of life…I treasure the fact that each day brings blessings into everyone’s life in some form or another.  I believe that our past is just what it is, our past.  It’s the near future in which I am focusing on while at the same time I’m pressing on.  I am focused.  I am a man who stands strong in the face of the storm and yet I may bend but never break.  I shall never surrender to anything less than what I am able to give a very productive relationship whether it’s friendship, companionship…I consider myself a fairly intelligent person with a pleasant personality.  I’m very understanding and caring…I have a great sense of humor with a unselfish attitude and I have a sensitive side that I’m sure you will love.


    Who is this female I’m in search of?  It has come to my heart and soul’s attention the worth of a woman is the ultimate treasure, which breathes life into the heart and soul of a man.  I trust the fact that I am being open and honest this will hold some weight with you…I am a very unique person who is aware that the only limitations are the ones in which we place upon ourselves.  Therefore it is a must that I reach into this vast world that my potential friend has been patiently waiting upon the whispers of our union.


    If you are reading this blog then it means that you have taken a step to explore something new.  Something that most people in general wouldn’t give a second thought about.  The step you have taken let’s me know that you haven’t confined yourself to the same standard of thinking that most people have about people in prison.  It let’s me know that you have an open mind and a wide view on life. I hope it’s you that accepts me.