Eric Hanson's Poetry

  • My Parents

    I wasn’t there to bury my mom and dad

    I know now they are never coming back

    I can’t help but think of all our great times together and smile.


    I try every night not to break down and cry, but the tears just roll off my face

    I feel so sad and empty without them, I’m like a lost soul out of place


    There are so many things I never got to say

    The crumbled bits of paper that are filled with my thoughts and feelings will never be able to be seen or heard by them


    How do I live with this emptiness?

    In their living years why didn’t I say all the things I really wanted to say?

    What was I afraid of?

    Was I afraid to tell my own parents how amazing they were?

    Why didn’t I tell my dad he was my best friend?

    Why didn’t I tell them I looked up to them and they’re the only ones I can turn to or ever truly depend on?


    For now I’ll just continue to hope and pray that the day comes when I can finally tell them all, so that maybe this pain and emptiness will finally end.