The Bad Boy You Choose

  • Ladies why do you choose 2 get with bad boys only 2 leave us when we get knocked by the laws?  Do u have a desire 2 change us?  When u get with a bad boy, u accept the lifestyle and everything that comes with it, good or bad.  The gifts and money u spend in the good times come from the chances we take on the streets.  2 things are guaranteed 2 us living this lifestyle, prison and death if we choose not 2 walk away from the game.


    The majority of women who get with bad boys disappear once the judge pronounces that prison sentence, including the women who were once in my life.  We’re not mad at u for leaving us at our lowest point in life.  During this period of struggle we need your love and support 2 help us get through this.  TRU 2’DA GAME.