About My Hopes & Prayers for the Woman Soulmate of My Dreams

  • From: ALLEN LAU Date: 10/10/2021 6:17:19 PM    
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    October 7, 2021

    About My Hopes & Prayers for the Woman Soulmate of My Dreams,

    *1st, Some general personal sentiments,
    *I've always felt that its OK to have Good Wishful Dreams.
    *Living life's moments are constant progressions of changes,
    One never fully knows what the next moments may bring.
    *Nothing Is Impossible, Anything Is Possible!
    *My years incarceration has afforded me time to reflect upon all past wrongs, I've diligently self instilled & practiced many good changes.

    *I am realistic & practical to remember that life is short that I really do not know how long that I might live for all that I intend to accomplish.

    *Unless there is a sudden change of circumstances.
    As of today's date,
    I have 28 more months before being released from prison back into society.
    *Been without any supportive family.
    I will be starting over totally anew & alone in the world.

    *When released from prison,
    There will be lots of adapting & relearning how to best live my life.
    *Overall I will do well!

    **Often times I still dream & think about getting married to the Woman Soulmate of my dreams, having children & Good family home life.

    *However, In being realistic, I wonder if at my present phase of life,
    *Is it practical & beneficial for me to get married, have children & a family?

    *Present day, There is duality of perspectives as I really do not know any longer what type of woman might best suit me,
    As I've personally changed so much in many ways.

    *However I do know what I like & find attractive in a woman,
    Its not just external appearance.
    **Presently Is an urgent need!
    *That It will be spiritually helpful to have a caring trustworthy woman friend, Whom I can correspond with, have conversations by phonecalls and by in person visits.

    *While within my Hopes, Dreams & Spiritual Prayers,
    *I am being realistic, That I believe that it requires both the man & the woman to have mutual amiable caring diligent respectful cooperation for building a loving long lasting friendship, relationship and or marriage.
    *Mutual Positive Minded communication is important,
    *Especially for negotiating any differences of opinions and or perspectives.

    *** My Personal Dream & Prayers to GOD & Angels,
    *For a befitting Best Woman Soulmate Life Partner:

    *She is highly educated:
    Has College Education and or higher Educational degrees.

    *Working Professional Career Woman,
    Career Fields:
    Education Teacher, Sciences, Some form of Engineering Technology, Computer Technology, Scientist, Medical and or Healthcare professional, Business or Office career Professional is OK too...

    *The Woman's Personality & Psychological profile:
    *Does not smoke nor drink, does not use illicit drugs.
    *No Criminal history, no traumatic psychological issues.

    *She is kind hearted, compassionate giving type of person, with a loving good flexible patient personality & disposition, Good sense of humor, fun loving personality, That takes life seriously but understands that living life is also about being able to adapt to momentary changes, has a well rounded Spiritual & Realistic understanding about life and or is utterly willing to learn & apply higher spiritual understanding & wisdoms, together with me.

    *Is of honest personal integrity & law abiding good citizen, has positive respect for authorities.

    *She keeps herself well groomed, has good personal hygiene,
    *Is not always a city princess type woman, has a bit of "outdoorsy, tom-boy", blue jeans & country in her as well...

    *Is able to dress accordingly to the occasion.
    *Enjoys Culture & the Fine Arts.

    *She is adventurous likes to travel & learn about other cultures of our world. *She enjoys & honors Nature and the Outdoors;
    *But may also enjoy saltwater fishing & hunting;
    *I personally do not hunt anymore,
    As I find it presently unnecessary to hunt & kill animals/wild game,
    While I can still purchase my food at supermarkets.

    *She enjoys all types of cuisines / foods.
    *Knows how to cook well
    *Likes & enjoys the country & wilderness outdoors.
    *Can enjoy country living.

    *Is able & willing to invest quality time together with me to build a loving & nurturing, mutually cooperative & united longterm functional relationship, family home life & hopefully lifetime marriage.

    *Is willing to mutually share personal interest, hobbies & outdoors activities such as listed in my posted online, Life Experience Dossier.

    *She is petite slender body,
    *Although not necessarily, I do like Glamorous Voluptuous Slender women with natural 36D+ Breasts ( No Silicone or plastic OK );
    *Please smile! Its humor by me a man's Eyes & Mind.

    *Height no more than 5' 6" tall,
    *keeps herself well taken care of, and Glamorously Beautiful for me, has peaches & cream skin complexion.
    *Is well cultured in personal Etiquette & Graces.

    *Ethnicity, Asian or European Ancestry, White Caucasian or of White Asian Chinese heredity.
    *I find that women whom speaks with either a British, European, German or Irish accent very sexy & attractive to me.

    *She Is still able to have children, likes children & wants to have children;
    *If given a choice for a woman's age;
    *I prefer the woman to be much younger than me,
    *Her Age somewhere between 19 to 30, even up to age 40.
    *Reasons are,
    Yes I would like to have my own genetic children & family home life.

    *This all is presently just my dream for that one Befitting Woman Soulmate Lifetime Partner, to share the rest of our life & world together.

    *Its OK to have positive minded dreams & hopes right?
    *And I am realistic, That there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman, *That it requires balanced mutual caring & loving cooperation by both the man & the woman for relationship to last.

    *In Being Realistic, This the wrong website for what I Hope for?

    *When released from prison, I figured worse case scenario,
    I'll just get myself an orange tabby cat, a dog & parrot, as pictured in my posted online, "Pictogram drawing".

    ***I'd love to get to know you ;-)