• To all you lonely females out there


    -- together we can solve that problem but only if you give me some cooperation!!!  I’m short as h*** time wise and its been so long I was hopn yud look at me as fresh n new, givn the time I’ve been away and haven’t been out there playn or breakn any hearts!  I figure summer is over so maybe you have more time now.  I’m lookn for a lasting friendship not just prison talk until I hit the streets….  I’m hopn to develop a friendship that lasts and possibilities are endless and I’m like a virgin again!  HA HA!  Young or older I’m not worried about age only substance!  Hit me up look me up I’m on my way out and I know a lot of ladies like a project with good intentions and that’s what I am n have.  Take that chance, you don’t got to worry about history or drama or any of that and I don’t know your girlfriends and games like that I don’t have time for.  I don’t need many I only need the “one” so do somthn out of the ordinary and try me.  I can be tamed; I just need and want a good woman.  Trry meee!!


    Sincerely, Ryan


    Send a pic, a address, a note, whatever, let’s try us!!