"Public Message to Ms. Marym Kamalmaz!"


    After reading your interview in "The Wall Street Newspapers" dated, January 23rd., 2019, and me knowing some members of your family in Syria, I have this message for you:

    Have faith in God, first and your original country Syria, before turning to President Trump to help you out for your  missing Syrian/American father in Syria, .  In your letter dated, October 29th. 2018, to President "TRUMP" saying to him:
    "...you are the only power to bring our father " MAJD KAMALMAZ" - THERAPIST", safely home.

    Do not bring shame to your great family in Syria! They are the first one who kicked out the American Ambassador to Syria in 2003, from their restaurant in "Damascus- old city", after the American invasion to "IRAQ".

    Where were you Ms. Marym, when the same president bombed Syria on  April 2017, with "59 TOMAHAWK CRUISE MISSILES"?!
    And, in August 22ed., 2017,attacking Syria again, near "Rakkah", killing 78 innocents people, mostly civilians, women and children?!!

    President Trump can't save anyone.  So why are you asking him!  The curse of the Syrian innocent being killed by his decision will follow him wherever he goes.

    If the man is drowning; he can't save you!  If the man is drowning; do you know, if he is paying for his sins!  If the man is drowning he needs your help!   If the man is drowning, he soon will lose his power and looks to be saved.  If t he man is drowning; his desperation can neither see you , nor hear you!  SO! Why!- Why would you call upon a man, who is drowning?  If you can't save the man from drowning and you go near; then, he'll grab you and you will both drown!

    Maryam: Go back to your original country Syria, repent, and I am sure you will find real help, and Syria will receive you and others in open arms!

                                                           "GOD PROTECT SYRIA AND THE SYRIAN PEOPLE"

    BLESSING "FRIDAY" JANUARY 25th., 2019.