Addressed to the Prince "AL-Walid Ben Talal":

  • Addressed to the Prince "AL-Walid Ben Talal":

    "Open letter, From Hostage to Hostage

    The reason I am writing this message to you, Prince "Al-Walid Ben Talal", in your captivity, because we are both victims of those murderers, the "Jews/Al Salman".

    I was sad, seeing you today (SUNDAY) in a forced "interview", with "FOX NEWS Channels" from Saudi Arabia, with a pistol at your head!!

    Your mouth was "M.'Bullshit's mouth", speaking against your heart ,and your free will. Your heart/mouth speak value of your mother's family "AlSuleh" in Lebanon. Even in your dire situation, you managed to pass something of a real value; When you told the "Jews Fox News": "What about the American horrible crimes in (Bogareib Prison in Iraq!).

    I challenge you Prince of "murderers" M.B.S., to let the honorable real prince "AlWalid Bin Talal", to leave Saud Arabia, for the world to hear his real heart and, his real mouth!
    ALSALMAN: Fear "GOD", the day of judgment is not far away!

    From: MONZER ALKASSAR- Political Syrian Hostage, in the American Gulag Prison.
    Dated: Sunday, November 4th., 2018.