Blog #2 7-22-17

  • Need Help From The Public: I Got Problems!


                One. I need a lawyer or reliable referral to a lawyer to handle and willing to take my case on contingency (unless they can help me get a support order first) for federal tort and state law claims against VAMC San Diego staff involved in torts against me and my spouse.  Case involves fraud, loss of consortium, emotional distress, defamation, and in the case of my spouse, add medical malpractice, professional negligence, false imprisonment, and elder abuse.


                Two. I need public assistance in getting attention of public authorities to investigate and stop the ongoing crimes against me and my spouse and elder abuse to my spouse.  We are both being subjected to financial crimes and the spouse is being falsely imprisoned (maybe kidnap) and has been subjected to long term elder abuse, neglect, isolation, financial, mental, and emotional abuse and is now being secreted by the abusers, which is subject to include the criminal and fraudulent collusion of VAMC personnel mention in One above. See my contemporaneous Legal Document section posting for detail and who to contact.


                Three.  I need a live-in caregiver for the spouse as soon as his body is found and I can get a court/other order for transfer of his custody to the caregiver for protection.  The need here is someone RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, local (i.e., OC, or LA), willing to work w/ me as healthcare agent/spouse and, Caregiver fees should be available through IHSS up to 283 hours per month.  Write for info if interested and, if serious, we can work out the details, Car available for CG use.