"Niggerable Offenses"



    A work of brilliance... A must read book for all of today's society... A beacon of light for guidance. --- Messiah 13X


    Powerful, Brutally honest, Eye-Opening, a Teachable Read. --- R. Smith


    It's a book that's fast pace... He ask are you a violator? Yes I am on many levels. But my eyes and mind are open to becoming a better person. I advise everyone to read this book. --- L. Dickens


    It is put together well and the flow is smooth. It is an easy read, and the audience will identify with some of your experiences in life and how to deal with certain subject matters. Your number system is impessive, waiting for part 2. --- Hakee


    After reading such a wonderful book, for anyone worn down by years of confinement, this inspiring read has offered me a ray of hope that even behind the wall of confinement I am still free to use my mind. --- D. Walcott Jr.