Accused Rights Matter

  • Accused Rights Matter is a new nonprofit corporation and currently looking for potential board members who have an interest in being a major voice and force to push for criminal justice reforms.


    Follow and support us at Accused Rights Matter on A homepage is in the making and will have many other stories of injustice in the system. Our president Donald J. Trump is right by tweeting, “Our court system is broken and very unfair.” Together we can fix this system by lobbying congress to pass reform bills, such as the women’s rights groups are doing @ #


    New discoveries show I was framed and courts are allowing this illegal detention of millions of Americans without due process of Law. Read the attachments that prove the prosecutor was taking the star witness/co-defendant to the prosecutor’s private office for secret interviews and testimony rehearsal. Also the prosecutor and trial judge was hiding evidence in secret meetings outside of court. You can read my prior trial lawyer’s Declaration stating this.


    If it happens to me, it will happen to you or your loved ones. The case is in the Washington Supreme Court at Supreme Court No. 95322-8.


    Help fight for our rights before we are without rights.


    Petty tyrannies take root and grow into larger ones. Tyrannies planted into the soils of Democracy and Liberty, break it all down to form a Dictatorship. Let’s uproot these tyrannies because Accused Rights matter.