Joining The Movement

  • For people interested in joining the movement – those of you with family/friends who are locked up serving an absurd amount of time, or for those just tired of paying high taxes in order to pay for the housing of prisoners across the State of Illinois.  I’m leaving the contact information to some Illinois State Senators and Representatives who you can contact to express your concern on wanting to support prison reform across the state.  The only way for reform to happen is through massive public support:  massive phone calls, emails, and handwritten letters to these State Senators and Representatives.  Without them hearing from you, your family members, friends & neighbors, they’ll never act on passing the bills that need to be passed.  We all have a voice and we need to use it.  If you don’t know what to say, here’s some facts to think about.  The enactment of Illinois’ Truth-In-Sentencing law alone added well over a quarter of a billion dollars per year in additional costs to the state, which is partly responsible for the need to lay off teachers because we can no longer afford to pay them.  That’s 250 million dollars per year that could be spent on police accountability, teachers, fire fighters, social workers salaries, cleaning up your neighborhoods, fixing our dilapidated infrastructure, after school programs and more.  Instead we’re wasting millions of dollars every year to keep elderly men and women warehoused in overcrowded prisons that can no longer afford to pay for the extensive medical needs, or to adequately feed them let alone “rehabilitate” them.  Any yet we keep them locked away long after they’ve outgrown their criminal ways.  I’m going to leave you with a website that can show you the financial strains these prisons are putting on you and the State of Illinois.  I’m also leaving a site that can help you find out exactly who your district’s State Senators & Representatives are so that you can begin contacting them ASAP. 


    Another serious issue to consider are the innocent who’ve been convicted via corrupt police work… I’ll leave the Innocent Demand Justice site here as well.


    For everyone supporting us, we deeply appreciate you & your effort, and for everyone in the struggle – continue to stay strong and trust that change is going to come.


    In Strength, Miguel






    Contact Information For Members Of The Illinois Senate And House Of Representatives


    Senator Patricia VanPelt

    1016 W. Jackson St

    Chicago IL 60607

    (312) 888-9191


    President of the Senate

    Senator John J. Cullerton

    1726 W. Belmont

    Chicago IL 60657

    (773) 883-0770


    Representative Esther Golar

    4926 S. Ashland

    Chicago IL 60609

    (773) 925-6580


    Representative Michael J. Madigan

    6500 S. Pulaski

    Chicago IL 60629

    (773) 581-8000


    Senator John Mulroe

    6107 B N Northwest Hwy

    Chicago IL 60631

    (773) 763-3810


    Senator Dan Kotowski

    350 S Northwest Hwy Ste 300

    Park Ridge IL 60068

    (847) 656-5416


    Senator Michael Connelly

    1725 S Naperville Rd Ste 200

    Wheaton IL 60189

    (630) 682-8101


    Senator Tim Bivins

    629 N Galena Ave

    Dixon Il 61021

    (815) 284-0045


    Senator Bill Cunningham

    10400 S Western Ave

    Chicago IL 60643

    (773) 445-8128


    Senator Kwame Raoul

    1509 E 53rd St 2nd Flr

    Chicago IL 60615

    (773) 363-1996


    Representative Jim Sacia

    50 W Douglas St

    Stewart Center Ste 1001

    Freeport IL 61032

    (815) 232-0774


    Representative Sara Feigenholtz

    1051 W Belmont

    Chicago IL 60657

    (773) 296-4141