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  • "Pretty Young Thang"

    "How can I get you, to love my soul?"

    The taste of your lips is what I want to know.

    Your complexion has such a beautiful glow.

    Allow me to wipe away those tears of yesterday in till they are no longer so.

    "Are you truly ready to surrender your heart?"

    If you teach me how to love, surely. I'll play my part.

    Petty arguments will never have the chance to start over

    Small issues that could tear us apart.

    Now, I lay here where my nights are long.

    Envisioning you in a edible thong, making passionate love

    Where nothing seems wrong.

    "I can't help but wait, is now my favorite song."


    Trip: What happened to love? It took a plane.

    What happened to Grace? It took a train.

    What happened to Sunshine? You know, it had to rain.

    What happened to the world? It went insane.