When a well rounded man inspires a woman, she is more likely to be a better woman overall. He will make her feel free, spontaneous, alive, natural, powerful and enthusiastic! Many women live the first half of their adult lives postponing true inner satisfaction and the last half with regrets. Fulfillment seems to be just over the next hill in life. When a woman is motivated by a good man he will push her to be her best. This man will appreciate her life story, her goodness and acknowledge her for her priceless worth! He will make her see how special and distinct her interests, ideas, values, and core beliefs are. Ladies learn from this man! The point is not to decide whose beliefs and values are "right" but rather for you to understand and respect the reasons this type of man is in your life. Discover and support what inspires him at all costs. If your reading this and you are inspired by a good man please leave a comment in what he help you see and realized about yourself!

    Respect Mr Love