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  • Hi, my name is Casey Odland. I am an Ex-Con. Last time I was arrested was 1978 for Robbery. I did two years in prison and was never arrested again. After prison I straightened my life out. I started a business from scratch in San Francisco that lasted 20 years and was able to raise my three children 20 miles south in Half Moon Bay. I have been in financial services the last 14 years.


    I have written a book called the Ex-Con and The Italain Princess. This became available 12/31/2011 and is a self help/motivational and inspirational book for inmates. The ideal candidate for my book is someone who has less than a year until they get out. My book becomes their property. When they leave prison or jail, my book becomes a roadmap to success. A reference guide. They can create a lifeplan using my book.


    My website is  This book can be ordered through Amazon and is available worldwide. On Amazon kindle the book is in 145 countries. The book is getting rave reviews and books are shipping out to free people and inmates alike around the world.


    This is one of the best gifts you can give an inmate to help them turn their lives around and stay on track. You can contact me personally through my website at which has my telephone number and e-mail address.


    Any questions, I'm ready. Enjoy, Casey